8920 build should ask perl for help

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   8920 build should ask perl for help
Building the illumos-gate on OI Hipster and OmniOSce fails when building the PERL modules in the gate because the various PERL_* Makefile macros are hard coded to a specific perl version and not necesarily the one that you are using in your distro.

To address the issue, I changed usr/src/Makefile.master to gather configuration information from the interpreter.  Rather than having Makefile.perl and the perl module package construct the path for the perl modules, I added a few additional macros with configured installation path information from the perl interpreter.  I made corresponding adjustments to usr/src/cmd/Makefile.perl, usr/src/pkg/Makefile, and usr/src/pkg/manifests/runtime-perl-modules-sun-solaris.mf to make use of the new macros.  Finally, I added/adjusted comments in Makefile.master and illumos.sh
I have run a full, clean build on OI Hipster.
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Update based on bug report feedback. The change effectively causes ADJUNCT_PROTO to be prepended when the PERL comes from this proto area.


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