2832 libsocket should go the way of libpthread

Review Request #649 — Created Aug. 14, 2017 and discarded — Latest diff uploaded


Make libsocket a filter library, moving its symbols to libc and libnsl.

I've checked the FreeBSD and Linux to see if they export these symbols in libc, and decided on that.

There's another problem here -- even if symbol should be in libc, it could be so tightly tied to libnsl interfaces that it's much easier (for the moment) to have it in libnsl and simply set a filter in libc.

This review only includes the lib/libc, lib/nsl, libsocket, and libxnet changes for easier reviewing -- there are a lot of other changes through the gate Makefiles to remove -lsocket, and, where it's not needed, -lnsl.

  • build
  • boot
  • compiling some of the external packages to see if they find all symbols they need in libc