Man pages contain cross-reference errata

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I have found man pages with cross-references that have incorrect sections, typos in their names, mistakes in the surrounding whitespace, or for which there are missing MANLINKS.

Whitespace fixes around cross-references

chown.1 kinit.1 msgcpp.1 rcp.1 rlogin.1 telnet.1
tftp.1 mail.1b cfgadm.1m cfgadm_sysctrl.1m fsdb_udfs.1m
in.comsat.1m inityp2l.1m ipdadm.1m mkfs_udfs.1m
netstat.1m ping.1m pkgask.1m rpc.bootparamd.1m
stmsboot.1m svc.configd.1m setreuid.2 door_bind.3c
door_return.3c econvert.3c pthread_atfork.3c
thr_suspend.3c dat_evd_wait.3dat gelf.3elf wait.h.3head
kvm_open.3kvm libaio.3lib copysign.3m pow.3m
maillock.3mail t_strerror.3nsl setproject.3project
rsm_memseg_import_putv.3rsm SLPUnescape.3slp
socket.3socket btohex.3tsol dhcp_inittab.4
pam_unix_auth.5 pam_unix_cred.5 su.7d usbsacm.7d
iec61883.7i inet6.7p srv.9e tran_init_pkt.9e

Section fixes in cross-references

kbd.1 pmap.1 preap.1 uuidgen.1 dns-sd.1m
kdb5_ldap_util.1m tapes.1m zfs-program.1m arc4random.3c
door_getparam.3c endian.3c fcloseall.3c thrd_create.3c
td_thr_get_info.3c_db auto_ef.3ext endian.h.3head
ber_encode.3ldap rpc_gss_get_mechanisms.3nsl
Lprochandle.3proc Lstate.3proc Plookup_by_addr.3proc
Prd_agent.3proc pr_getzoneid.3proc core.4 ipf.4
brand.4th.5 byteorder.5 gptzfsboot.5 loader.5 menu.4th.5
version.4th.5 blkdev.7d ipmi.7d termio.7i mc_getcapab.9e
ddi_cb_register.9f ddi_modopen.9f mac_init_ops.9f
pm_power_has_changed.9f pollhead_clean.9f

Other fixes: e.g. typos, incorrect names, re-phrasing

mandoc.1 ldapclient.1m vscand.1m aligned_alloc.3c cnd.3c
quick_exit.3c thrd_join.3c timerfd_create.3c
ldap_entry2text.3ldap libSMHBAAPI.3lib libproc.3lib
Lstatus.3proc Pctlfd.3proc Pgetareg.3proc Psysentry.3proc
sockaddr.3socket media_getid.3volmgt contract.4
pam_unix_session.5 zpool-features.5 pcn.7d mac.9e
usba_hcdi.9e usba_hcdi_device_init.9e
usba_hcdi_pipe_intr_xfer.9e usba_hcdi_pipe_isoc_xfer.9e
usba_hcdi_pipe_reset.9e mac_hcksum_get.9f
mac_maxsdu_update.9f mac_tx_update.9f usba_hubdi_cb_ops.9f
ddi_device_acc_attr.9s usb_bulk_req.9s usb_ep_xdescr.9s

Missing MANLINKS fixes

audlinks.1m fesetenv.3m fesetexceptflag.3m fesetround.3m

  • build and deploy, and confirm new MANLINKS have been made available (e.g., man fesetenv)
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  2. usr/src/man/man3c/thrd_join.3c (Diff revision 1)
    This isn't necessarily true. This can come from other sources than thrd_exit(3C). I realize that my original sentence reads weirdly, but we should probably come up with something better here.
    I think we should restore the original text and instead it should be at line 70:
    .Fa thrd .
  3. usr/src/man/man3lib/libproc.3lib (Diff revision 1)
    Please retain the coma. It was supposed to be there.
    1. The sentence after removing the comma and equal signs displays as follows:
          Process handles in the other states have no notion of settable tracing flags, though core files (type PS_DEAD) may have a read-only snapshot of their tracing settings available.
      Sorry, I don't quite understand how a comma is correct after the right parenthesis.
    2. I think you're right there. I must have misread it, sorry.

  1. just a general note -- as you are touching the cross references, please fix them to be at least proper man(5), i.e., using .BR -- what we have now is largely an awful conversion from another source and doesn't resemble man(5) man pages.

    1. The errata covered by this case are explicit, and reformatting to use .BR is not in scope.
      I'll add a separate case for conversion of man pages from using font escapes to using font macros.
    2. Not really worth it unless it's conversion to mdoc -- IMO, only makes sense in such cases as this, same as we do cstyle.

    3. It's really not worth doing it manually IMO, because it greatly increases the review responsibilities. I was referring to an en masse conversion systematically.
  2. usr/src/man/man3m/Makefile (Diff revision 2)

    while there, perhaps change spaces here to tab:)

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