8447 uts: acpica_check_bios_date() instead of bios-free, use efi-systab

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8447 uts: acpica_check_bios_date() instead of bios-free, use efi-systab

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  2. usr/src/uts/intel/io/acpica/acpica.c (Diff revision 1)

    Do you know where "bios-free" was set? If not, I suspect it was expected it would be passed via something like -B bios-free=true. In that case, we should probably keep handling bios-free as well as the new efi-systab property.

    1. bios-free is not set anywhere and this spot really is the only use case - and it is not documented. So I would rather think of it as some sort of artifact from opensolaris fork, and would not support this way. It may be reasonable to provide such knob via properties mechanism, but then it should part of more generic mechanism, such as the work you have on your desk. The Oracle Solaris does provide the property, so I suspect it is being set in fakebop.c just along with others. If such specific knob is needed and justified - sure, we can preserve it, but I would try to not to keep such things around just because they happen to be there and we have no idea why;)

      And as an matter of fact, there is some help from having version control afterall, the commit in question is:

      commit f2be51489e45daeb2c91d227fa1691c74cc3ea97
      Author: szhou none@none
      Date: Thu Oct 5 11:31:43 2006 -0700

      PSARC 2006/340 Solaris Boot Support for EFI and LinuxBIOS
      6434157 libefi sometimes gets the wrong gpt partition location
      6475349 Boot Support for EFI and LinuxBIOS
    2. I think it's safe to drop and replace as was done here. Given that this was never documented and was only present as part of a 'volatile'-level bring-up experiment and it only exists in one spot in the source, I don't see much problem. (It certainly wouldn't work for a bios-free system).

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