6856 sys/stream.h exposes unnecessary macros to userland

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Gordon Ross

This is a slightly "slimmed down" version of Lauri Tirkkonen's work as shown in https://illumos.org/rb/r/187/
That's good work, but it was sort of "stuck" because it was hard to analyze it's affect on either
(a) the gate (i.e. with wsdiff) or (b) consuming applications (due to exported header changes).

In this version of the work, I've tried to only remove the exposure of sys/stream.h
from netinet/in.h and otherwise leave header exposure as little changed as possible.
I hope this gives us a way to move forward with 6856, in "smaller steps".

The rest of the changes Lauri Tirkkonen proposed also look good, and would
further improve (reduce) unexpected header exposure, but I suggest we
consider making those separately.

Note: there are XXX marks to call attention to things in this review.
No need to tell me they need to be removed before this integrates.

Build and wsdiff (on top of the changes shown in https://www.illumos.org/rb/r/548/
because I needed to use Studio to get deterministic build results)
wsdiff of before vs. after this change shows nothing but a few expected
differences (i.e. "dof" sections and data containing the git changeset hash)

I hope to get a "pkgsrc" build with this too.
Confirmed that "pkgsrc" build was fine:
(Thanks to Jonathan Perkin at Joyent)

Gordon Ross
Andrew Stormont
Yuri Pankov
Yuri Pankov
Andrew Stormont
Gordon Ross
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