5899 panic on bad mutex in smb_event_wait()

Review Request #42 — Created May 2, 2015 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


5899 panic on bad mutex in smb_event_wait()

There was an ordering problem in tear-down of the "events" support
and these "threshold" things. I never liked the smb_event stuff.
It's a global event list largely duplicating the functionality of the old-style
unix sleep/wakeup (on an address) mechanism. It was not needed here,
so the use of events was removed, and the wait implemented using a
simple cv_timewait() instead.

Internal reviewers were:
Thomas Keiser
Dan McDonald
Albert Lee

Verfied the fix by forcing smbd to core dump and making sure the smbsrv module doesn't panic.
Has also been in the field for quite a while.