12289 remove sunfire-specific code from libprtdiag

Review Request #2513 — Created Feb. 10, 2020 and submitted

As part of IPD 5, support for sunfire (EXX00) will be removed. This will be split up to ease implementation and review.

This particular issue is to clean up libprtdiag and libprtdiag_psr.

The way that libprtdaig has been implemented on SPARC is that there are shared data structures passed around, and certain platforms fill in and reference the bits of those structures they need. Unfortunately, this means that definitions of sunfire-specific data structures are present in common code, so those need to be cleaned up in order for sunfire (and its header files) to be removed.

Not only are the data structures modified. but some are removed entirely, necessitating a modification of some internal function signatures.

Build and packaging are clean.

Copied the modified bits onto a T5140 and a Sun Blade 2000. Verified that prtdiag still functions and gives identical output.

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