6911 nfs4: unexpected permission denied

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The NFSv4 client is not properly notified about the NFSv4 server namespace changes. This leads to unexpected permission denied error which are sometimes hard to heal.

There are two separate, but tightly related bugs contributing to the issue:

  • At the NFSv4 server side we do not notify the NFSv4 client when the NFSv4 namespace changes. According the RFC 7530 we should do that by changing the change attribute for the particular file system object.
  • The NFSv4 client completely ignores the change attribute during the attribute cache validity evaluation.

I tested various share/unshare scenarios, including the one described in the bug report, to make sure everything works as expected.

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Author: Marcel Telka marcel@telka.sk
Date: 2016-11-29T16:08:04.000Z

6911 nfs4: unexpected permission denied
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