Fix ambiguous bay/disk labels on Joyent-S10G5

Review Request #2471 — Created Dec. 10, 2019 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


The Joyent S10G5 platform contains two SAS expanders to drive the front and rear disks. The SES implementation on both of these expanders encodes a simplistic element descriptor string for the array device elemnts that uses the format "Slot##". The result is that front disks get labels "Slot00 - Slot23" and the rear disks get labels "Slot00-Slot11" and so you have essentially duplicate labels for the first 12 disks between the front and rear disk backplanes.

This ticket is to cover changes to the ses enumerator to add custom logic to dynamically assign less ambiguous labels to the bay and disk nodes when we detect we're on the Joyent S10G5 platform. The logic will look at the product ID of the SAS expanders (which are different between the front and rear) and create labels "Front Slot 0" through "Front Slot 23" "Rear Slot 0" through "Rear Slot 11" for the front and rear bay/disks nodes, respectively.

See ticket for testing details: