11971 Reduce loaded range tree memory usage

Review Request #2457 - Created Nov. 18, 2019 and updated

Jerry Jelinek

This is a port from OpenZFS of the range tree performance work that Paul Dagnelie of Delphix presented at the recent OpenZFS developers conference.



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Kody Kantor
Jerry Jelinek
Kody Kantor

Looks good to me. I don't think we have to fix the little nits if you don't want to.

little thing: the int i can be in the loop header now.

  1. No, I don't think so because 'i' is used after the loop.

There seems to be inconsistent use of %p vs %#lx in this file for printing addresses.

Also, I suppose the use of %#lx across this file could be replaced with %#" PRIx64 ". It appears that %#lx is much more common in the mdb source than the more portable alternative, however.

  1. I think I'll leave this as-is since it's quite common throughout this mdb module.

Andy Fiddaman
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