5776 vfork and getwd should not be exposed under XPG7

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5776 vfork and getwd should not be exposed under XPG7

webrev is here btw: http://cr.illumos.org/~webrev/gdamore/getwd/

And the test suite validation of this is part of this change set.

  2. usr/src/man/man2/vfork.2 (Diff revision 1)

    "Altering" a copyright notice is explicitly prohibited by both US Title 17 and the CDDL. Obviously, this reformatting shouldn't change the semantics, but I usually try to avoid it.

    1. That precedent has been long since set -- we've done this on other occasions. In particular, white space has been demonstrated (in the lega case) to not be part of the legal notice itself, explicitly permitting this sort of change.

    2. Oh, and the file in question is actually BSD licensed, not CDDL, and the "copyright" notice that is covered by USC Title 17 is unaltered. The part that I reflowed is a license statement, not a copyright message. In fact, license statement isn't really a license at all, and is not covered under any part of the law or the licenses. (The actual BSD license, has its own language which does prohibit removal or alteration, but that statement is absent here.)

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