11473 SPARC build warns about unpackaged files

Review Request #2187 — Created July 16, 2019 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

A sparc build reports:

==== Validating manifests against proto area ====

Entries present in proto area but not manifests:
file usr/include/libjedec.h group=group mode=0644 owner=owner path=usr/include/libjedec.h
file usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_sensor_link.so group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_sensor_link.so

The first appears to come from #10396. We should extend the exception on this file to cover sparc as well as x86.

The second is from #11184. We probably still want to build this, to check it will build, but there are as yet no consumers on sparc so there's no good reason to package it yet, which means adding an exception for it too.

Build and packaging clean on x86.