10329 Remove scsi_vhci_f_asym_sun (StorEdge T3 support)

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10329 Remove scsi_vhci_f_asym_sun (StorEdge T3 support)

These arrays were shipped in the early 2000's, and are dual fibre channel arrays used primarily in larger SPARC installations. Oracle stopped supporting them (EOSL) in 2012. It's unlikely that anyone has any of these with illumos. It's unlikely that there even any of these still in service -- the spinning disks have all long exceeded there intended service lives.

Note that if someone does still have one, the removal of this support will not prevent the array from functioning -- instead it will operate as a non-multipathed disk.

These disks predate (I think) the TPGS support that modern arrays use for assymetric ports in SCSI-3.

(UPDATE: I forgot to list the changes to the scsi_vhci.conf file).