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11325 SES-3 element index handling incorrect

This adds SES-3 aware handling of the ELEMENT INDEX in the Additional Element Status Descriptor, correcting invalid enumeration of SES-3 compliant enclosures, and in particular the calculation of which device slots have which drives in them.

This has been tested on a variety of enclosures -- models from HGST, Xyratex, and HPE (the D3710 in particular). We tested both newer SES-3 compliant enclosures and legacy SES-3 enclosures to ensure that no regression exists.

We use this library in our own (RackTop) software, but I've also verified the results with the sestopo and fmtopo commands, and I've compared the results against recent sg-utils (sg_ses) to ensure that that parsing is in agreement.

Without this fix, certain enclosures, like recent HGST and HPE enclosures, simply don't function right with libses.