10808 Print "(repairing)" in zpool status again

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Port from ZoL of commit 2ef0f8c3298 Print "(repairing)" in zpool status again

The key difference is that the new test (zpool_scrub_print_repairing) depends on a kernel variable we won't have until the new sequential scrub work is integrated. I left out that new test from the runfiles for now.

zfs-test run. I also manually ran a modified version of the new zpool_scrub_print_repairing test which did not depend on our missing sequential scrub changes. That test also passes.

  2. zfs_scan_vdev_limit is the kernel variable that we don't have yet?

    1. Yes. That variable is included in the sequential scrub changes. It looks like the test is using that to reduce the chances of a race condition in the test code itself. I was able to run a modified version of the test code without that setting and still get the expected behavior.

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