6349 tools build of make should not use CPPFLAGS.native

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6349 tools build of make should not use CPPFLAGS.native

Build on older build system.

  1. The point of CPPFLAGS.native is that it should never be safe for things which we want to build against the native system and potentially adjuncts. If CPPFLAGS.native is accidentally referring to the proto area, then that feels like the actual bug here.

    1. CPPFLAGS.native is a hack that's currently needed only three places in the libc build for compiling genassym.c (yes, using headers from the proto area)
      We get away with that because genassym.c only calls printf, and hopes the proto area is "good enough" for linking this with a native libc.

    2. I guess I always considered CPPFLAGS.native a companion to NATIVECC and that you'd want to use them together, which is where the confusion is coming from.

    3. I agree with Robert about what this is for, and that it should not use the proto, and libc (and anything else) should explicitly use the proto.

      That said, I distintcly remember trying to fix this problem in that way and it not working out, so I'm ok with doing this Gordon's way and holding my nose -- if it works -- as long as we get a bug on file saying basically what Robert has said here.

    4. Opened #6364 to track the CPPFLAGS.native issue.

    5. You two OK with this change now?

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