illumos Fault Management Architecture (FMA) Message Registry

Message: SMF-8000-L5

title Service restarting too quickly
description The service terminated and was restarted more frequently than normal. The Illumos Service Manager placed the service into maintenance mode instead of restarting it again.
severity minor
type defect
keys defect.sunos.smf.svc.restarting_too_quickly

While a service is enabled, the Illumos Service Manager will restart it if it terminates. The Message ID:   SMF-8000-L5 indicates that the Illumos Service Manager determined that the service was being restarted too often.

If the service cannot be fixed, contact Sun Service with the output of svcs -x and svcs -l service_fmri.

See "Predictive Self-Healing" for additional information.

If the above Action doesn't help, use the instructions in document 203634 to place svc.startd in debug mode and contact your service provider.

impact The service will remain stopped until its maintenance state is cleared. Other services with require-type dependencies on the service will not be started until this service is repaired. (Use svcs -xv service_fmri to list such impacted services.)
response No automated response.

Determine why the service was terminating. If the service's restarter is svc.startd, consult the service's log file; its name is based on the FMRI of the service and it is located in /var/svc/log (/etc/svc/volatile if early in boot). Also consult service-specific log files and documentation (use svcs -x service_fmri to list documentation references for the service).

Once the problem is fixed, run svcadm clear service_fmri to request the Illumos Service Manager to restart the service.

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