illumos Fault Management Architecture (FMA) Message Registry

Message: SMF-8000-KS

title Service's start method failed
description The Illumos Service manager tried to start the service, but could not.
severity minor
type defect
keys defect.sunos.smf.svc.start_method_fail

If a service is enabled and its dependencies are met, the Illumos Service Manager will send a start command to the service's restarter, which may be the Illumos Service Manager (svc.startd) itself. To start a service, svc.startd executes the service's start method. If the method is a program and it exits with a non-zero exit status or terminates due to a signal, svc.startd considers the method to have failed. If the method exited with an exit status of $SMF_EXIT_ERR_CONFIG (defined in /lib/svc/share/, the Service Manager concludes that the service is misconfigured and places it in the maintenance state. Otherwise it retries the method a number of times. If the method fails each time, svc.startd stops retrying and places the service in the maintenance state.

The Message ID:   SMF-8000-KS indicates that the Illumos Service Manager has placed a service in the maintenance state for this reason. This outcome can indicate a misunderstanding of the requirements of various software components, a misconfiguration of the system, or a defect in Illumos.

See "Predictive Self-Healing" for additional information. Specifically, view "SMF How To Guide" the section entitled "Retrieving Dependency Tree Information". This provides detailed information for troubleshooting service dependency issues.

If the above Action doesn't help, use the instructions in document 203634 to place svc.startd in debug mode and contact your service provider.

impact The service is not running. It will not be started until the maintenance state is cleared. Services with require-type dependencies on the service will not be started. (Use svcs -xv service_fmri to see a list of services waiting for the service to start.)
response No automated response.

Determine why the service's start method failed. Consult the service's log file, typically in /var/svc/log and named based on the service's FMRI. (Very early in boot, service logs are placed in /etc/svc/volatile.)

Once the problem has been fixed, run svcadm clear service_fmri to request that the Illumos Service Manager clear the service's maintenance state and treat the service normally. If it is still enabled and its dependencies are met, it will be started.

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