illumos Fault Management Architecture (FMA) Message Registry

Message: SMF-8000-AR

title Diagnosis unknown
description An explanation for the current state of the service could not be determined.
severity minor
type defect
keys defect.sunos.smf.svc.unknown

When a restarter places a service into an unusual state, it may supply an explanation. The Message ID:   SMF-8000-AR indicates that the restarter supplied an unknown explanation. If svc:/system/svc/restarter:default is the restarter, this condition generally indicates a defect in Illumos.

If the service cannot be started, contact Sun Service with the output of svcs -x and svcs -l service_fmri.

See "Predictive Self-Healing" for additional information.

If the above Action doesn't help, use the instructions in document 203634 to place svc.startd in debug mode and contact your service provider.

impact Uncertain. Use svcs -xv service_fmri to see a list of services waiting for this service to start.
response No automated response.

Determine the restarter for the service with svcs -l service_fmri.

For services managed by svc:/system/svc/restarter:default, collect data for Sun Service. In particular, obtain a core file for svc.startd(1M) by using gcore(1), as well as svcs -x output. Once data has been obtained, it may be possible to restore service operation by requesting restart or clearing a degraded or maintenance state, using svcadm(1M).

For services managed by other restarters, no diagnosis may be available by design. See the documentation for the relevant restarter for guidance. If the service is in the maintenance state, svcadm clear service_fmri will instruct the restarter to clear it.

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