illumos Fault Management Architecture (FMA) Message Registry

Message: SMF-8000-05

title Service disabled
description The service is disabled. It is not running and will not be started.
severity minor
type defect
keys defect.sunos.smf.svc.disabled
details While a service is disabled, the Illumos Service Manager will not start it. If a running service is disabled (for example, by svcadm disable -t), the Service Manager will send a stop command to the service's restarter, which may be the Illumos Service Manager itself. The restarter will stop the service and place it in the disabled state.

The Message ID:   SMF-8000-05 indicates that the service is disabled.

See "Predictive Self-Healing" for additional information and the "SMF How To Guide".

If the Suggested Action fails to start the service, contact Sun Service with the output of svcs -xv, svcs -l  and the output from /var/svc/log/ from associated service. See smf(5) for additional FMRI definition.

impact The service is not running. It will remain in the disabled state until it is enabled (for example, with svcadm enable -t). Services with require-type dependencies on it will not be started. (Use svcs -xv service_fmri to see a list of services waiting for the service to start.)
response No automated response.
action To request the Illumos Service Manager to start the service, run svcadm enable service_fmri. To see its state, run svcs service_fmri.
po-action XXX
po-description XXX
po-impact XXX
po-response XXX
po-severity XXX
po-type XXX

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