MOD_INSTALL(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers MOD_INSTALL(9F)


mod_install, mod_remove, mod_info, mod_modname - add, remove or query a
loadable module


#include <sys/modctl.h>

int mod_install(struct modlinkage *modlinkage);

int mod_remove(struct modlinkage *modlinkage);

int mod_info(struct modlinkage *modlinkage,
struct modinfo *modinfo);

const char *mod_modname(struct modlinkage *modlinkage);


illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI).


Pointer to the loadable module's modlinkage structure which
describes what type(s) of module elements are included in
this loadable module.

Pointer to the modinfo structure passed to _info(9E).


mod_install() must be called from a module's _init(9E) routine.

mod_remove() must be called from a module's _fini(9E) routine.

mod_info() must be called from a module's _info(9E) routine.

mod_modname() can be called from any module routine.

When _init(9E) is executing, its call to mod_install() enables other
threads to call attach(9E) even prior to mod_install() returning and
_init(9E) completion. From a programming standpoint this means that all
_init(9E) initialization must occur prior to _init(9E) calling
mod_install(). If mod_install() fails (non-zero return value), any
initialization must be undone.

When _fini(9E) is executing, another thread may call attach(9E) prior to
_fini(9E) calling mod_remove(). If this occurs, the mod_remove() fails
(non-zero return). From a programming standpoint, this means that
_init(9E) initializations should only be undone after a successful return
from mod_remove().

To query the name of a module, use mod_modname(). If the module is a
driver, the module name is the same as the driver name. This function can
be used to avoid compiled-in knowledge of the module name, and is of
particular use when _init(9E) needs to call a function like


mod_install() and mod_remove() return 0 upon success and non-zero on

mod_info() returns a non-zero value on success and 0 upon failure.

mod_modname() returns the name of the module. The returned name remains
valid as long as the module remains loaded.


See _init(9E) for an example that uses these functions.


_fini(9E), _info(9E), _init(9E), kstat_create(9F), modldrv(9S),
modlinkage(9S), modlstrmod(9S)

Writing Device Drivers

illumos July 8, 2008 MOD_INSTALL(9F)