ACPIDUMP(8) Maintenance Procedures ACPIDUMP(8)


acpidump - dump ACPI tables


acpidump [-bhsvxz] [-a address] [-c on|off] [-f file] [-n signature]
[-o file] [-r address]


The acpidump utility is used to dump the system's Advanced Configuration
and Power Interface (ACPI) tables that are provided by system firmware.
The dumped tables can be used by other utilities, such as acpixtract(8) or


The following options are supported:

-a address
Get the table at the given physical address.

-b Dump all tables to binary files.

-c on|off
Enable dumping customized tables. The default is off.

-f file
Read the table from the given binary file.

-h Display the usage message and exit.

-n signature
Get the table with the specified signature.

-o file
Write output to the given file.

-r address
Dump tables from the RSDP at the given address.

-s Only print table summaries.

-v Print the version.

-x Do not use the XSDT.

-z Verbose.


Example 1 Dump all ACPI Tables

The following example dumps all of the ACPI tables from the system. This
can then be used with acpixtract(8) and the iasl utility to decode the ACPI
tables from the system. In this example, all of the tables are written to
the file acpi.out.

# acpidump -o acpi.dat



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