DEV(7FS) File Systems DEV(7FS)


dev - Device name file system


The dev filesystem manages the name spaces of devices under the Solaris
operating environment. The global zone's instance of the dev filesystem
is mounted during boot on /dev.

A subdirectory under /dev may have unique operational semantics. Most of
the common device names under /dev are created automatically by
devfsadm(1M). Others, such as /dev/pts, are dynamic and reflect the
operational state of the system. You can manually generate device names
for newly attached hardware by invoking devfsadm(1M) or implicitly, by
indirectly causing a lookup or readdir operation in the filesystem to
occur. For example, you can discover a disk that was attached when the
system was powered down (and generate a name for that device) by invoking


Mount point for the /dev filesystem in the global zone.


devfsadm(1M), format(1M), devfs(7FS)


The global /dev instance cannot be unmounted.

June 9, 2006 DEV(7FS)