IPRB(7D) Devices IPRB(7D)


iprb - Intel PRO/100 Fast Ethernet device driver




The iprb driver provides support for the Intel PRO/100 family of Fast
Ethernet PCI controllers. This includes support for Intel 82558, 82559,
82550, and 82551 parts, as well as certain controllers found on certain
Intel southbridge controllers (ICH2 and ICH3).

These devices generally support the standard Fast Ethernet features,
including 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX, both full and half duplex operation,
IEEE 802.3 autonegotiation, etc. They also support full size MTUs (1500
bytes), even when used with VLANs. Some of them also support flow control.

The device driver supports the ieee802.3(5) properties, which can be
configured with dladm(1M).


/dev/iprb Special character device.


dladm(1M), ifconfig(1M), pci(4), ieee802.3(5), dlpi(7P)

IEEE 802.3: Ethernet, IEEE Standards Association.

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