VERSION.4TH(7) Standards, Environments, and Macros VERSION.4TH(7)


version.4th - loader version string boot module


The file that goes by the name of version.4th is a set of commands designed
to draw the boot loader version at the bottom-right of the screen. The
commands of version.4th by themselves are not enough for most uses. Please
refer to the examples below for the most common situations, and to
loader(7) for additional commands.

Before using any of the commands provided in version.4th, it must be
included through the command:

include version.4th

This line is present in the default /boot/forth/menu.rc file, so it is not
needed (and should not be re-issued) in a normal setup.

The commands provided by it are:

print_version Prints the contents of the loader_version
environment variable right-justified at the
column loader_version_x and row

The environment variables that effect its behavior are:

Set automatically by loader(7), but you can override it by
setting in loader.conf(5). This should be the version of
boot loader used.

Sets the desired ending column position of loader_version.
Default is 80.

Sets the desired ending row position of loader_version.
Default is 24.

If set to "NO" (case-insensitive) or "0", causes the
version to be printed without color (default is ANSI Cyan).


/boot/loader The loader(7).
version.4th itself.
/boot/loader.rc loader(7) bootstrapping script.


Override loader(7) version in loader.conf(5):

loader_version="loader 1.1"


loader.conf(5), color.4th(7), loader(7)

illumos July 20, 2018 illumos