PROTOCOLS(5) Standards, Environments, and Macros PROTOCOLS(5)


protocols - protocol name database





The protocols file is a local source of information regarding the known
protocols used in the DARPA Internet. The protocols file can be used in
conjunction with or instead of other protocols sources, including the NIS
maps "protocols.byname" and "protocols.bynumber". Programs use the
getprotobyname(3SOCKET) routine to access this information.

The protocols file has one line for each protocol. The line has the
following format:

official-protocol-name protocol-number aliases

Items are separated by any number of blanks and/or TAB characters. A `#'
indicates the beginning of a comment; characters up to the end of the
line are not interpreted by routines which search the file. Protocol
names may contain any printable character other than a field delimiter,
NEWLINE, or comment character.


Example 1: A Sample Database

The following is a sample database:

# Internet (IP) protocols
ip 0 IP # internet protocol, pseudo protocol number
icmp 1 ICMP # internet control message protocol
ggp 3 GGP # gateway-gateway protocol
tcp 6 TCP # transmission control protocol
egp 8 EGP # exterior gateway protocol
pup 12 PUP # PARC universal packet protocol
udp 17 UDP # user datagram protocol

# Internet (IPv6) extension headers
hopopt 0 HOPOPT # Hop-by-hop options for IPv6
ipv6 41 IPv6 # IPv6 in IP encapsulation
ipv6-route 43 IPv6-Route # Routing header for IPv6
ipv6-frag 44 IPv6-Frag # Fragment header for IPv6
esp 50 ESP # Encap Security Payload for IPv6
ah 51 AH # Authentication Header for IPv6
ipv6-icmp 58 IPv6-ICMP # IPv6 internet control message protocol
ipv6-nonxt 59 IPv6-NoNxt # No next header extension header for IPv6
ipv6-opts 60 IPv6-Opts # Destination Options for IPv6


configuration file for name-service switch


getprotobyname(3SOCKET), nsswitch.conf(5)


/etc/inet/protocols is the official SVR4 name of the protocols file. The
symbolic link /etc/protocols exists for BSD compatibility.

February 25, 2017 PROTOCOLS(5)