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ncalogd.conf - NCA logging configuration file




The ncalogd.conf is used to configure Solaris Network Cache and
Accelerator ("NCA") logging. The file contains two fields, key and value.

The status key is used to indicate if the user wants to have NCA logging
turned on. If the value of status key is enabled, then NCA logging will
be turned on. If the value of the status key is disabled, then NCA
logging will not be invoked. The default value is disabled.

The logd_path_name key specifies the absolute pathname of the log file.
The log file must be a raw device without a filesystem or a file on a
local file system. The default value is /var/nca/log. logd_path_name can
also contain a whitespace-delimited list of values for multiple log files
to a maximum of 16. If you specify multiple log files, you must enclose
the list in quotation marks ("). With multiple files, NCA logging moves
to the next file on the list once the file size specified by
logd_file_size has been reached. When the last file is full, NCA logging
rotates back to the first file in the list. A pointer to the current log
file is stored in /var/nca/current.

The logd_file_size key specifies the value of the file size, in bytes,
allowed for each log file specified in by the logd_path_name key. The
default value is 1000000 bytes.

In order to implement changes to the ncalogd.conf file, you will need to
stop and start NCA logging or reboot.

NCA stores logs in a binary format. Use the ncab2clf(1) utility to
convert the log from a binary format to the Common Log File format.


Example 1: A Sample ncalogd.conf File

The following is a sample ncalogd.conf file that specifies three log

# NCA Log Daemon Configuration File

logd_path_name="/var/nca/log1 /var/nca/log2 /var/nca/log3"

Note that there is no NCA logging daemon. Logging is performed as one of
the functions of the NCA software.


Lists configuration parameters for NCAlogging.


See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

|Interface Stability | Evolving |


nca(1), ncab2clf(1), ncakmod(1), door_create(3C), nca.if(5),
ncakmod.conf(5), attributes(7), dd(8)

System Administration Guide: IP Services

January 22, 2002 NCALOGD.CONF(5)