IKE.PRESHARED(5) Standards, Environments, and Macros IKE.PRESHARED(5)


ike.preshared - pre-shared keys file for IKE




The /etc/inet/secret/ike.preshared file contains secret keying material
that two IKE instances can use to authenticate each other. Because of the
sensitive nature of this data, it is kept in the /etc/inet/secret
directory, which is only accessible by root.

Pre-shared keys are delimited by open-curly-brace ({) and close-curly-
brace (}) characters. There are five name-value pairs required inside a
pre-shared key:

Name Value Example
localidtype IP localidtype IP
remoteidtype IP remoteidtype IP
localid IP-address localid
remoteid IP-address remoteid
key hex-string 1234567890abcdef

Comment lines with # appearing in the first column are also legal.

Files in this format can also be used by the ikeadm(8) command to load
additional pre-shared keys into a running an in.iked(8) process.


Example 1: A Sample ike.preshared File

The following is an example of an ike.preshared file:

# Two pre-shared keys between myself,, and two remote
# hosts. Note that names are not allowed for IP addresses.
# A decent hex string can be obtained by performing:
# od -x </dev/random | head

localidtype IP
remoteidtype IP
key 4b656265207761732068657265210c0a

localidtype IP
remoteidtype IP
key 536f20776572652042696c6c2c2052656e65652c20616e642043687269732e0a


If this file is compromised, all IPsec security associations derived from
secrets in this file will be compromised as well. The default permissions
on ike.preshared are 0600. They should stay this way.


od(1), random(4D), attributes(7), ikeadm(8), in.iked(8), ipseckey(8)

October 15, 2001 IKE.PRESHARED(5)