bootfs - boot-time module file system


The bootfs file system is a read-only file system that provides access to
any boot-time modules that were passed in to the system loader which were
tagged with the type file. bootfs does not display any boot-time modules
that were tagged as type hash or type rootfs. If modules with duplicate
names and paths are specified, only the first such entry will be present in
the file system and a counter will be incremented to indicate that a
duplicate entry was found, but is not present into the file system. If a
module's name only consists of invalid characters, such as `'., `..', or
`/', then the module will not be present in the file system and a counter
will be incremented to indicate that this has occurred. In both cases,
diagnostic information is available through the kstats facility.


/system/boot The mount point for the bootfs file
system in the global zone.


Example 1 Determining if collisions or invalid names are present

To determine if any boot-time modules were not created due to collisions or
invalid names, enter the following command:

# kstat -m bootfs
module: bootfs instance: 1
name: bootfs class: fs
crtime 236063.651324041
nbytes 8749355
ndirs 3
ndiscard 0
ndup 0
nfiles 2
snaptime 236063.651324041
The field ndiscard lists the number of boot-time modules that were
discarded due to naming conflicts. The field ndup lists the number of
duplicate entries that were found and therefore not displayed in the file

This information is provided for informational purposes only, it is not to
be construed as a stable interface.


loader(7), kstat(8)

OmniOS May 8, 2014 OmniOS