iser - iSCSI Extensions for Remote DMA driver


The iSER driver accelerates the iSCSI protocol by mapping the data
transfer phases to Remote DMA (RDMA) operations. No iSER configuration is
required for its use, but an RDMA-capable protocol (RCaP) must be
configured and enabled on both target and initiator endpoints.

Currently, InfiniBand RC is the supported RCaP, and for discovery IP over
IB must be configured on both the initiator and target. If Infiniband
(IB) hardware is present and an Infiniband reliable-connected (RC)
connection can be established then an iSER-enabled initiator uses iSER
connections to iSER-enabled targets. Otherwise the connection is
established using IP-based connectivity.


32-bit ELF kernel driver

64-bit SPARC ELF kernel drive

64-bit AMD64 ELF kernel driver

Driver configuration file


ibd(4D), attributes(7), iscsiadm(8), itadm(8)

System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

RFC 3720 Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI)

RFC 5046 iSCSI Extensions for RDM

March 30, 2009 ISER(4D)