amdzen, amdzen_stub - AMD Zen Nexus Driver


The amdzen driver provides access to the Northbridge, Data Fabric, and
System Management Network (SMN) for a number of AMD processor lines,
including AMD Ryzen CPUs and APUs, ThreadRipper CPUs, and EPYC CPUs from
the following families:

+o AMD Zen Naples, Summit Ridge, Whitehaven (Family 17h)

+o AMD Zen+ Colfax, Picasso, and Pinnacle Ridge (Family 17h)

+o AMD Zen 2 Castle Peak, Matisse, Rome, and Renoir (Family 17h)

+o AMD Zen 3 Cezanne, Milan, and Vermeer (Family 19h)

This driver is a nexus driver and facilitates access to the northbridge,
data fabric, and SMN between various other devices such as smntemp(4D).
The various processor devices that make up the northbridge and data fabric
have the amdzen_stub driver attached to them. The different devices are
all amalgamated and a single uniform view is provided by the amdzen driver.

The amdzen driver is a nexus driver that has the following children:

smntemp(4D) Provides access to on-die temperature sensors.

usmn(4D) Provides read access to the SMN. This driver is intended for
development purposes.

zen_udf(4D) Provides read access to the data fabric. This driver is
intended for development purposes.


The amdzen and amdzen_stub drivers are limited to x86 platforms with AMD
Family 17h and 19h processors.


smntemp(4D), usmn(4D), zen_udf(4D)

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