amdnbtemp - AMD northbridge temperature sensor driver




The amdnbtemp driver provides the system the ability to read the
temperature sensor found in several AMD processors. This includes the K10
microarchitecture, and its derivatives, as well as the Bulldozer
microarchitecture. The following AMD processors are supported:

- AMD Family 10h Processors (K10)

- AMD Family 11h Processors (Turion X2 Ultra)

- AMD Family 12h Processors (Llano APUs)

- AMD Family 14h Processors (Bobcat)

- Family 15h models 0-fh, 10h-1fh, 30-3fh (Bulldozer and Piledriver)

- AMD Family 16h Processors (Puma and Jaguar)

Some AMD Family 10h processors that utilize socket F and socket AM2 are
subject to erratum 319 which indicates that the temperature sensor has an
inaccurate measurement. If such a processor is detected, the system does
not attach a temperature sensor to the device.

AMD Family 15h models 60-7fh (Steamroller and Excavator) are not supported
at this time.

For AMD Family 17h (Zen) processors, the smntemp(4D) driver provides access
to the temperature sensors.


smntemp(4D), fmadm(8)

AMD, BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide (BKDG) for AMD Family 16h Models
00h-0Fh Processors, 49125.

AMD, Revision Guide for AMD Family 10h Processors, 41322.

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