BLDENV(1ONBLD) illumos Build Tools BLDENV(1ONBLD)


bldenv - spawn shell for interactive incremental OS-Net consolidation


bldenv [ options ] <env_file> [command]


bldenv is a useful companion to the nightly(1ONBLD) script for doing
interactive and incremental builds in a workspace already built with
nightly(1ONBLD). bldenv spawns a shell set up with the same environment
variables taken from an env_file, as prepared for use with

In addition to running a shell for interactive use, bldenv can optionally
run a single command in the given environment, in the vein of sh -c or su
-c. This is useful for scripting, when an interactive shell would not
be. If the command is composed of multiple shell words or contains other
shell metacharacters, it must be quoted appropriately.

bldenv is particularly useful for testing Makefile targets like clobber,
install and _msg, which otherwise require digging through large build
logs to figure out what is being done.

By default, bldenv will invoke the shell specified in $SHELL. If $SHELL
is not set or is invalid, csh will be used.


--c, --=
force the use of csh, regardless of the value of $SHELL.

--f, --=
invoke csh with the -f (fast-start) option. This option is valid only
if $SHELL is unset or if it points to csh.

--d, --=
set up environment for doing DEBUG builds. The default is non-DEBUG,
unless the -F flag is specified in the nightly file.

--t, --=
set up environment to use the tools in usr/src/tools (this is the
default, use +t to use the tools from /opt/onbld)


Example 1: Interactive use Use bldenv to spawn a shell to perform a DEBUG
build and testing of the Makefile targets clobber and install for
% rlogin wopr-2 -l gk
{root:wopr-2:49} bldenv -d /export0/jg/on10-se.env
Build type is DEBUG
RELEASE is 5.10
VERSION is wopr-2:on10-se:11/01/2001
RELEASE_DATE is May 2004
The top-level `setup' target is available to build headers
and tools.
Using /usr/bin/tcsh as shell.
{root:wopr-2:49} cd $SRC/cmd/true
{root:wopr-2:50} make
{root:wopr-2:51} make clobber
/usr/bin/rm -f true true.po
{root:wopr-2:52} make
/usr/bin/rm -f true
cat > true
chmod +x true
{root:wopr-2:53} make install
install -s -m 0555 -u root -g bin -f/export0/jg/on10-se/proto/root_sparc/usr/bin true
`install' is up to date.

Example 2: Non-interactive use Invoke bldenv to create SUNWonbld with a
single command:
example% bldenv onnv_06 'cd $SRC/tools && make pkg'




bldenv (OS/Net) 2008-04-06
OS/Net community <>

illumos September 4, 2018 BLDENV(1ONBLD)