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Bug Trackers

Project Description
illumos-gate Core. Kernel, userland, drivers, etc.
OpenIndiana Distribution-specific
SmartOS Bugview Distribution-specific, read-only JIRA mirror
SmartOS GitHub Distribution-specific, public issues
OmniOS Distribution-specific
SmartOS pkgsrc Cross-platform packages

How to report problems

Before creating new issues in the bug tracker, please perform a search to determine if the problem is already known, or resolved in a newer version of the software.

You can report a new issue using our issue tracker.

A good issue report includes:

  • Steps for reproducing the problem, in as much detail as possible.
  • Information about your system software and hardware.
  • For crashes, the contents of the crash information file from the above section.

Please paste any error messages, or the output of ::msgbuf from mdb -k, directly in the bug description.

Examples of bug fixing

Ryan Zezeski goes through fixing a bug in ZFS in this "illumos Day" talk. (video, slides)