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Mailing Lists

The Golden Rule

Please be respectful and civil in your communications. Community participation is covered by a code of conduct, which all community members should read and follow. Harassment and other poor behavior will not be tolerated, and preventative action will be taken by moderators. If you would like to report an incident, please contact the moderation team as laid out in the code of conduct.

General Lists

Name Description
announce Announcements including new releases, significant milestones, administrative and policy decisions and other news-worthy items. (Old archives)
developer Developers working on illumos code and those looking to become actively involved. (Old archives)
discuss General discussion (Old archives)

Code Commits, Integration, Bug Tracking

Name Description
advocates Moderated list for illumos core team members and submitting RTIs only. (Old archives)
commits Notifications about each commit made to the illumos source code repository. (Old archives)
Name Description
dtrace-discuss All things DTrace
openzfs-developer Platform-independent mailing list for ZFS developers to review ZFS code and architecture changes from all platforms.
oi-dev OpenIndiana distro developer list
openindiana-discuss OpenIndiana distro users list
OmniOS Contacts OmniOS mailing list and other contact details
smartos-discuss SmartOS distro