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illumos Distributions


Similar to other operating systems, there are many different OS distributions based on the common illumos ecosystem.

Some distributions are maintained by enthusiasts, while others are primarily developed by companies with their own priorities and focus.


All illumos-derived systems should include our common technologies.

Not all distributions have the latest features, or support all hardware platforms.

For major feature differences, the following chart may be helpful.

Project Provider Focus Linux Comparison Open Source Packaging x86 SPARC KVM LX
OmniOS CE OmniOS Community Association Servers Debian check IPS check check check
OpenIndiana OpenIndiana Workstation, Servers Ubuntu check IPS check check
SmartOS MNX Solutions Hypervisor CoreOS check pkgsrc check check check
NexenStor Nexenta Storage APT check
Tribblix Peter Tribble Workstation, Servers Slackware check SVR4 check check check
DilOS igork Workstation, Servers check APT check check check check
XStreamOS Sonicle Server check check
v9os MilaX Server check IPS check
Danube Cloud Danube Cloud Community Hypervisor Proxmox check pkgsrc check check check