Appendix: Glossary of Terms

CTF Compact C Type Format. Assists in debugging. See ctf(5).

CW Compiler wrapper. Historical version of illumos were built with Sun Studio (see below). In order to transition to the gcc compiler, the compiler wrapper was developed to translate compiler flags from Sun Studio syntax to GCC syntax.

FMA Fault management architecture.

Gate; illumos gate Gate is old Sun Microsystems terminology for a software source-code repository.

Lint; linting Using the smatch tool to check for common programming errors.

ON OS/Net (Operating system/Network) consolidation. In historical version of SunOS, OS and Net were separate software components. Now this term refers to the operating system as a whole.

RTI Request to Integrate. The final approval process needed for a change to become part of the illumos gate. See Integrating Changes.

Sun Studio A compiler suite historically required to build illumos. As of 2016, dependency on Sun Studio has been eliminated and the use of its old lint tool was replaced with smatch.

UTS Unix Time Sharing. This is a historical name for UNIX, and lives on in the source tree as the uts/ directory, which houses the kernel.